Support When A Baby Comes Home

by Don Guthrie 10/06/2019

When a mother delivers a baby, it’s a joyous time for family and friends. The joy that overtakes everyone knowing that a new life has just entered the world. Everyone can become consumed with just the baby and not realize that the parents are need of a little TLC as well. There are some practical things to take the load off the new parents. 


If there is someone very close to you that has recently given birth, offer to clean the house while they are away at the hospital or home with the baby. You could also offer to help relieve some of the household chores during the pregnancy. As women approach the end of the pregnancy, household chores can become very challenging. 

Cook A Meal

In some cultures, the family prepares food weekly for the parents, after a child is born allowing for more bonding time with the parents. Make a yummy casserole or stop by their favorite take-out spot and pick up something they would like. Organizing a meal train is also a way to get other friends and families involved during the early weeks of birth. If you want to keep organized online, tools like Make Me A Meal and Meal Train can do just that. The websites create calendars for everyone to see who is next in line to prepare a meal. This may also be an excellent time to grocery shop for the household if needed. Make it a one-stop shop.

Pet Care

With a new baby at home, the fur babies are not the focus anymore. Giving them a little care will relieve some of the stress for the parents. Take the pets out for a walk, bring them some food or just offer to spend time playing with them. If both parties are comfortable, offer to pet sit for a couple of days or weeks so that the parents are not overwhelmed with having to worry about something else.


If the new parents already have children, take the older children out for ice cream or to the movies. Depending on their age, they may feel a little neglected with the new baby being around. This will be a relief for the new parents as they figure out their new normal.

Positive Affirmations

Doing all the things listed above may seem already very generous but making the parents look like they are unique or valued is priceless. A new mother may just need someone to tell them that they are doing a great job. That they are the being the best parents to their baby. 

The most significant gift that you can give to a new parent, is support. Whether it is physical or emotional, Always remember to be positive and uplifting during this time.

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